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Power Engineering Corporation , a leading conglomerate nurtured with High values, traditions and Principles, established in 1976, is proud to have a nonpareil presence in different sectors, since last Three Decades.

Traditionally a Lister/ Petter Type Diesel Engine manufacturer, Power Engineering Corporation has also made inroads in other sectors through following venture :

1. ANAND ENTERPRISE : (Global Export Business)
2. POWER ENGINEERING : Diesel Engine & Spares Manufacturing. Very soon we are starting our own Rubber Components Manufacturing setup.

Supported with the most technically advanced manufacturing equipment, design support, and a well qualified Engineering team Power Engineering Corporation has become a global supplier to many of it's long standing customer base in Diesel Engines & it's spares, Rubber Components, Small Automobile & Engineering Components.

We offer following range of Lister/Petter Diesel Engines under the aegis of Power Engineering Corporation :

HP R.P.M. BORE (Inch/mm) HP R.P.M. BORE (mm)
Single Cylinder Single Cylinder
650 4.5' / 114.3 5 1500 80
850 4.5' / 114.3 6.5 1500 85
10/1 (CBW/LOP) 1000 4.75' / 120 8 1600 87.5
1000 5.12' / 130 8 1500 95
Twin Cylinder 10 1800 95
650 4.5' / 114.3 10 1500 102
850 4.5' / 114.3 12.5 1500 114.3
1000 4.75' / 120 Twin Cylinder
1000 5.12' / 130 16/2 1500 95
CBW : Counter Balance Weight
LOP  : Lubricating Oil Pump
20/2 1500 102
25/2 1500 114.3

Our Engines are making their mark across the globe and are satisfying interests of our precious customers. They are working very well in United States of America, South America, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, The Gambia, Madagascar, Liberia, South Africa, Middle East Countries, France, New Zeland, Australia, Swiden, England, Poland, Zimbave and Sri Lanka.

Today's customer knows that trouble free performance pay dividends. Continuous research and development ensures that our Engines are constantly on the forefront of technological progress.

Power Engineering Corporation has achieved growth and stability through customer satisfaction. It uses the latest technology combined with a professional and highly skilled staff to achieve it's rigorous customer goals. We are strict adherers to Quality Standards prevailing in different parts of the world. Our products are tested and built to acclimatize the environment and requirements of the region.

We follow famous Gandhian Philosophy “The Customer is always right”.  So our transactions are always transparent and authentic. Customer satisfaction and zero defects is our goal. We always  remember "Your eyes can not see what your mind does not know". Our employees are all the time educate regarding customer's suggestion & complaint. We always strive for Continuous improvement in Quality, Service, Delivery, Technology and Costs Strategies aimed at operational effectiveness and competitive advantage. Power Engineering Corporation is also committed to the safety of the company's operations, products and environment and, in particular, the health and safety of the employees, customers and public.

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